I’m Thea Suzanne, a Graphic Designer who is passionate about creating functional and good-looking designs.

I enjoy taking someone’s idea scribbled on a napkin and showing them what can be done with it visually. I believe that a good idea can reach a larger audience when it is presented in a beautiful way.

Since graduating from ACAD with a Bachelor of Design I’ve worked on developing brands, designing event collateral, and creating illustrations. I’ve worked in-house at a research institute as well as a design firm, all the while freelancing out of my home.  Here are a few things I have learned about myself and my profession:

  1. Pattern design and hand lettering soothe my soul  (and also inspired the creation of my Etsy shop).
  2. Infographics are my mother tongue. I’m a  list person and seeing a finished infographic brings me all sorts of joy (you can see examples here and here).
  3. Print is not dead. There is nothing better than seeing a piece printed on beautiful paper that you can tangibly admire, which is why stationery design is so much fun.

When I’m not working in my home office in Alberta, Canada, you can find me eating sushi, binge watching a TV drama, or adventuring with my husband and daughters.